The Stunning Gooseneck Kettle You Can Actually Afford


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Delicious though it may be, our morning caffeine habits can cost us — and if you find yourself paying daily visits to that fancy coffee shop, you could be shelling out quite a bit every month, especially if you add oat milk and tip. The numbers like that just might make you reconsider your Starbucks order and set yourself up to make barista-level coffee at home instead.

A key tool at any good coffee shop is a gooseneck kettle, and multiple experts have previously recommended Fellow’s elegant Stagg EKG model to HuffPost. If you’re balking at the $165 price tag, however, we’ve got good news: There’s a gorgeous doppelgänger hiding in plain sight at Walmart right now.

This one-liter gooseneck kettle from Walmart’s kitchenware brand Beautiful will make you feel like a true artisan thanks to its sleek and ergonomic design, and it promises to quickly bring water to temperature with the help of 1,200 watts of heating power. The one-touch boil tab has a handy indicator light to let you know the kettle is on and an auto shut off function ensures you’ll never singe your appliance.

“We drink pour over coffee and this kettle is the perfect thing to use when pouring my water over the grounds,” wrote reviewer Keith. “The long spout allows for a slow even pour resulting in delicious coffee.”

You’d swear this appliance is one of its pricier contemporaries, but it sports a super affordable price tag that comes in under $30, which is what some of us could easily spend at a fancy coffee shop in a week. And while the aforementioned luxury kettle is mostly limited to colors like black and white, Walmart’s version comes in a soothing shade of pale green.

B “wanted a gooseneck kettle and something that was aesthetically pleasing for my coffee bar. This [one] fit the bill perfectly and works very well,” they wrote in a review. The kettle easily heats up a “full pot in less than 5 minutes and enough water for a single cup in just a couple minutes.”

With thoughtful design features and easy-to-use functionality, this kettle might just have you saying goodbye to your barista for good.


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