Taylor Swift’s New Romance And How It Differs From Joe Alwyn


In April, the star split from British actor Joe Alwyn after six years together. The two first started dating in 2016, soon after Swift had retreated from the public eye following her infamous feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

During this time, Swift rejected the spotlight for over a year — which is when she and Alwyn fell in love.

Throughout the course of their romance, Swift and Alwyn kept their relationship very private, and there are just a handful of photos of the two of them together. In addition, Alwyn maintained an incredibly low profile by largely avoiding red carpets and showbiz events with Swift.

But in true Taylor Swift fashion, she spilled intimate details about their relationship through her music — with the star releasing five albums in the years since she and Alwyn first met, in addition to her re-recordings.

At this point, it’s necessary to mention that lyrical interpretation is entirely subjective, and Swift very rarely reveals who her songs are about. However, she does leave Easter eggs and hints to encourage her fans to work out the identities, and the following information is a culmination of public information and widely-believed fan theories.

And when it comes to the songs that are believed to be about Alwyn, the difference between him and Kelce and their respective relationships with Swift couldn’t be more striking.


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