Stephen Colbert Rips Apart Kevin McCarthy With 1 Sharp-Toothed Film Reference


The “Late Show” host, on Wednesday, pointed to a group of GOP lawmakers getting McCarthy to agree to a chamber rule in January that would allow any one member to offer a motion to vacate the speaker’s chair.

Colbert went on to play a clip of McCarthy pointing the finger at Democrats for his ouster before making a swipe at the former House speaker.

“Really? You handed a straight razor to the craziest, most selfish, nihilists in the entire MAGA mob and said ‘Just hold this to my neck, and if I say and do one thing you don’t like, just slice away.’ And you’re blaming the Democrats?’” Colbert said.

“This was a political decision from the Democrats,” said the shark hunter in the edited clip as a shark drags him underwater.

You can see more from Colbert’s monologue, which includes another reference to an iconic movie, in the clip below.


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