Sara Haines Of ‘The View’ Schooled On What She Can’t Call Trump On TV


Apparently, producers on “The View” take a dim view at one of their cohosts calling a former president a slang term commonly used to refer to masturbation.

Sara Haines found out firsthand on Wednesday’s show when she referred to Donald Trump as “a jerk-off” and was chided by both Whoopi Goldberg and one of the show’s producers.

The vulgar-but-arguably apt description of Trump came during a discussion about the limited gag order Judge Arther Engoron issued after the indicted former president disparaged one of his law clerks and also posted her photo online.

Prior to the slip of the mouth by Haines, Goldberg was discussing how she was shocked that Trump kept getting away with threatening comments that another defendant would never be allowed to say.

Meanwhile, fellow cohost Sunny Hostin said she believes that the gag orders requested by special counsel Jack Smith will probably be approved but warned, “I don’t know what that man is going to do if he can’t talk.”

Haines pointed out that Trump has behaved like this for years and noted that was one reason “Back To The Future” screenwriter Bob Gale based the Biff Tannen character on Trump.

“So think about what he was like in 1983 when he was a jerk-off doing what he does,” Haines explained. “Nothing’s changed!”

The audience laughed at Haines’ vulgar insult, and she asked, “Can I not say that?”

Both Goldberg and fellow panelist Joy Behar said the word was not allowed on the daytime talk show, which was confirmed by an off-screen producer who said, “It was 1985, but you can’t say that.”

“OK, but still. He was a complete jerk,” she said, only to be told she couldn’t say that word either by Hostin.

“Jerk?” Haines wondered. “I have no words left! I feel like Donald Trump!”

Behar then joked that Haines had to be gagged and tried to put a hand over her mouth.

“We’re gagging you,” Behar joked, trying to put a hand over Haines’ mouth.

You can see the whole exchange below, with the offending “jerk-off” bleeped out silently.


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