Rumer Willis blasts haters over ‘nepo baby’ new mom essentials


Rumer Willis wants haters to back off her “bougie” parenting essentials.

The actress defended the list of must-haves she compiled for the Strategist in an Instagram Story video Thursday, asking “a–hole” trolls to “please” stop hating on her.

“I was really taken aback at the level of negativity and just trolling,” she said of social media users’ reaction to her $1,699 nursery chair, $75 candle, $370 carrier and more items.

“Regardless of whether you like me or not or think I’ve accomplished anything in my life or not, I’m also just a human being who has feelings,” Willis, 35, continued.

“I’m a sensitive human being. I would really greatly appreciate it if you weren’t so nasty to me or weren’t so mean to me.”

The actress asked naysayers to “please stop” being “mean.”
She defended her decision to share her parenting must-haves in September.

The eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore clarified that her “intention in sharing” the products in September was to bring other people happiness.

“Even though you can label and call me a nepo baby or whatever it is, I’m also just a person,” she concluded.

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Rumer subsequently posted a family photo with her daughter, Louetta, and partner, Derek Richard Thomas, gushing, “My life is a gift, I have never been happier and feel more in love than I have ever been. I have the most wonderful daughter beyond my wildest dreams. And my story is only beginning.”

Willis became a mom to daughter Louetta in April.

The model also shared a video highlighting specific comments about the “really bougie” products she uses while raising her 5-month-old child with Thomas, 29.

“My eyes rolled straight back into my head reading this,” one hater wrote, with many calling the new mom a “nepo baby” for the “gross” breakdown.

Another naysayer noted, “You’ve definitely run out of material when you’re posting about the unaccomplished daughter of an actor and actress.”

“My story is only beginning,” she wrote via Instagram.

Rumer is no stranger to sticking up for herself since giving birth to her baby girl at home in April.

The “Dancing With the Stars” alum engaged in a heated back-and-forth with an Instagram user calling her an “insecure … narcissist” for posting a nursing photo like a “circus event” in August.

“There is an incredible amount of shame that comes with being born into a female body,” Rumer wrote at the time. “I want to lead by example in teaching my daughter that she doesn’t have to be ashamed of her body ever.”


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