Cody Heron arrested for allegedly stomped on windshield: Philly DA


The motorcyclist captured in a viral video stomping out the back windshield of a car with two small kids inside was arrested Wednesday, prosecutors said — as typically lenient Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner demanded “extremely high bail” in the case.

Cody Heron, 26, was charged with possession of an instrument of crime, recklessly endangering another person and multiple counts of aggravated assault over the Sunday night attack.

Prosecutors allege Heron is the biker caught on camera shattering the car window before pointing a gun at a mother who jumped out of her car to confront him.

Shattered glass fell onto the woman’s two kids, ages 2 and 5, who were sitting in the backseat at the time.

“Cody Heron, who was recklessly riding his motorcycle through the heavily populated streets of Center City Philadelphia while carrying a firearm, senselessly assaulted an innocent woman and her children who were simply going about their evening,” Assistant District Attorney William Fritze said in a statement.

The gun fell from Heron’s waistband as he kicked in the glass, prosecutors said. He picked it up and then briefly pointed the weapon at the 23-year-old driver, Nikki Bullock, the district attorney’s office said.

The two jawed at each other and Heron allegedly headbutted the mother, who shoved the motorcyclist right before he fled.

The heated dispute was sparked when Heron ran into the driver’s side door of Bullock, who was also with her girlfriend, as a roving gang of motorcyclists, bikers and ATV riders took over the street, prosecutors said.

Cody Heron was arrested overnight into Wednesday.
Cody Heron was arrested overnight into Wednesday.
Philadelphia Police Department

A district attorney spokesperson said the office asked for “extremely high bail,” but did not have an amount yet until he was arraigned.

Krasner, a former civil rights lawyer elected district attorney in 2017, has faced some criticism for his liberal approach to the criminal justice system, including when he said after taking office he would drop cash bail for most non-violent crimes.

But he noted he would still seek bail for violent crimes, including aggravated assault, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported at the time.

The stunning footage showed a motorcyclist stomping on the windshield.
The stunning footage showed a motorcyclist stomping on the windshield.
Instagram / vortex.hz

The district attorney’s office released photos of the motorcycle Heron was riding and the gun he was allegedly toting. They also showed the high-top Nike sneakers he was wearing when he allegedly kicked in the windshield.   

“The criminal actions of this defendant left four victims traumatized,” said Interim Police Commissioner John Stanford.

Bullock previously told NBC 10 she stood her ground against the motorcyclist to protect her two kids.

“It was just like, it was a little gun and at that point, my windshield was already broken so, what was he really going to do to me, for real?” she asked.

Both of her kids were luckily not hurt.

“There’s not a scratch on them,” she told NBC10. “It was just the simple fact that I had kids in the car. I just wanted to protect them honestly.”


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