Bank robber who was busted while counting cash outside tried scheme again


An Alaskan bank robber who was caught immediately after his heist while counting his loot outside the targeted branch was nabbed again Monday — trying to rob the same bank.

Michael Gale Nash, 49, was swiftly taken into custody for carrying out the failed scheme that closely resembled his fumble from five years earlier.

The botched 2018 burglary earned him a spot on at least one “Dumbest Criminals” list after he slipped a teller a demand note with his name and birthdate scrawled on the back.

Clad in black jeans, black boots, a black Carhart jacket and a black hat, Nash allegedly sauntered up to a First National Bank in Anchorage at 9 a.m. and began violently pulling on the front doors, according to the Alaska US Attorney’s Office.

Employees told Nash through the glass that the bank would not open for another hour, but he stood his ground and passed a note through the locked doors to a bank supervisor.

“This is a robbery – put the money in a bag & I will walk out. This is a robbery. God help us all,” the note read, according to an arrest affidavit.

It does not appear that Nash included his personal information on the note this time around.

The supervisor immediately yelled for the bank door to be locked via a secondary locking mechanism and called 911, but Nash continued loitering in front of the branch.

First National bank in Anchorage.
Michael Gale Nash allegedly slipped a note through the locked doors of a First National Bank in Anchorage demanding money.
Valdez Convention & Visitorsâ Bureau

A “nervous” and “stuttering” Nash allegedly rejected a bank security officer’s pleas for the robber to leave and instead encouraged him to call the police.

When they finally arrived, Nash peacefully submitted and was transported to an Anchorage Police Department precinct.

While he was being put in handcuffs and while he was in the back of the patrol car, Nash made several “excited utterances” that it was not his “first time robbing a bank,” officers later recounted to FBI investigators.

“FBI Anchorage ran a records check for Michael Gale Nash. The records check revealed that NASH was arrested, charged, and convicted for robbing the same FNB in 2018,” said the affidavit.

Although he followed a near-identical MO, the Monday morning holdup was not nearly as effective as his 2018 heist.

Nash made off with $400 in a bag after handing the teller a note on a completed form for affordable housing reading, “This is a hold up. Please put the money they want in the bag. God help us!!!”

After just a “few minutes,” Nash was spotted sitting outside the bank counting the bills.

For the crime, he was given a 366-day prison term followed by five years of supervised release.

He could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison this time around, the attorney’s office said.

Nash has several other convictions on his rap sheet, including stealing personal property in 1993 and forgery in 2000. He also received a court-martial in 1996 for distributing drugs, according to an affidavit filed by an FBI investigator.


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