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Auntie Maggie has five nieces and nephews, with the delightful names of Timmy, Tammy, Tommy, Tummy, and Temmy. They are all going on an outing to the swimming pool. Auntie Maggie is the first to dive in, plugging her nose and pointing her toes. Timmy’s about to dive in next when he realizes that he forgot his goggles. He leaps onto Aunt Maggie’s back, keeping his head above the water so his eyes don’t get irritated. Each kid, in turn, realizes they forgot something (except Tummy) and piles onto poor Auntie Maggie. She sinks lower and lower, carrying the weight of each child’s problem. Back at home, Auntie Maggie teaches everyone problem-solving techniques that they can use to become more independent. The presentation is a bit quirky in this tale translated from Spanish, but the art matches the absurdity beautifully. Cluttered with incredible details, each spread is a feast for the eye. Auntie Maggie is eccentric and has fantastical toys all around the house, while the pool scenes are filled with a plethora of characters, each with their own imaginative backstories. Auntie Maggie and most of her family (along with the poolgoers) are light-skinned, except Tammy, who has darker skin. (This book was reviewed digitally.)


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