I was fired for no reason by a new leader — what can I do?


A new leader came into the company and, without any explanation, fired me and hired someone else to do my job. I’ve always received positive reviews and raises. The new guy didn’t even give me a chance. I’m thinking this has to do with my age because the person he hired is half my age. Suggestions on how to proceed?

I’m sorry to hear that you lost your job, and it certainly is frustrating to not understand why, particularly when all of the feedback from the company about your performance has been positive.

The problem is, new leaders often want to bring in fresh blood, perhaps someone they’ve worked with previously who is a proven talent and not new to them.

New leaders also don’t have to rely on now the prior management viewed talent, and since most employment is “at will” you can leave and you can be fired  for any reason or no reason, provided that it isn’t for a protected reason, like age.

I can’t know if your age was a factor here, but you can discuss your concerns with an attorney who can help evaluate the situation for you.

Your advice stinks. You recently advised an employee to confront their colleague about them not pulling their weight on joint projects. That’s the manager’s job, not this employee. You’re creating a confrontation and adversarial relationship. The employee should let their manager deal with it.

Can I go into your workplace and heckle you?

I think you should stick to whatever it is you do for a living if you think it’s better to throw your colleague under the bus to their boss before giving them  a chance to correct course.

At least we agree that the high performing person shouldn’t suffer because of their under performing teammate, but I don’t know how to explain going to the boss before speaking with the employee and giving them a chance to improve their performance.

That’s a bad reputation that could impact trust and relationships with other employees, too.

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